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Cookie Policy

By using the MCG web site with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies you agree to our use of cookies and other tools to provide the information available on this site. If you would like to modify your browser to notify you when you receive a new cookie or to disable cookies altogether, please refer to Managing Cookies.

Cookies and How We Use Them


Cookies are small text files which a website may put on your computer or mobile device when you visit our web site. The cookie will help the website to recognize and remember some specific information which the web server can later retrieve and use. We do not use cookies to store or use any information that identifies you and does not use or store any personal information that could be read or understood by others.

Cookies are used primarily for administrative purposes, to improve your experience with our web site. only uses cookies to capture anonymous analytics to improve our web site experience and performance. This includes compiling statistical information concerning, among other things, the frequency of use of our site, the pages visited, and the length of each visit, as well as information about your computer, operating system, browser, language, and country.

For more information on the types of information we collect about you please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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